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LED Green is a nationwide full-service lighting solutions provider and product manufacturer. Since 2008, we have been an industry leader and innovator in providing high quality LED lighting solutions that include lighting and energy evaluations, design, and optimum product selection.  

 Our expertise is rooted in being a subsidiary of an industry leading 50 plus year wire, cable and electronics company. Our first product line was a fluorescent lamp replacement. We were the first company to offer a UL Classified LED tube replacement in 2009. Since that time our technology has matured, our solutions and products have become more efficient and we continue to be the LED industry leader in terms of service, reliability, and innovation. 

Our lighting solutions include: street and parking lot lights, wall washers, wall packs, canopy lights. high bays, low bays, parking garages and hard to light buildings. We specialize in designing customized solutions for your lighting needs. LED modules for HID replacement, High powered warehouse lamps, Indoor flat panels and LED troffers, fluorescent tube replacements, cove lighting and an assortment of specialty lighting products.  

Our expertise in LED innovation and the creation of
high-efficiency solutions extends into the horticultural lighting

Our solutions and products are designed to last and provide optimum light without compromise. Most of our solutions and products have full UL or ETL, Energy Star or DLC. approvals. In addition, when applicable CE, RoHs, FCC, TOV and CTick. All of our solutions and products are LED Green certified. Our mission is to design, implement, and manage innovative cost-effective LED lighting solutions that address our customer’s needs. Whether you need a retrofit, replacement or modification of your lighting environment we can work directly with your existing electrical supplier to ensure an accurate assessment and solution is achieved. 

We work closely with various state incentive programs to bring our clients the most value for the dollar. We can improve your bottom line with time tested high performance LED solutions and products. We utilize the state of the art in photo-metric computer modeling to insure outstanding results without guesswork. 

Give us a call today (732-741-9099) to see how we can be your valued lighting partner.