Super High Performance UFO Style High Bay Lighting with Optional Controls

Our LED High Bay Lighting is a performance oriented system that incorporates optional control features such as Occupancy Sensors, Daylight Harvesting Sensors, WiFi Capability, Remote Controls and IP Cameras and Zigbee Integration. Boasting 170 lm/watt, no other high bay offers such value. The possibilities and various control options can be personalized to your specifications. This product is at 170lm/watt. UL and DLC Certified. Features a Meanwell driver with a 7 year warranty. Separated heat dissipation for the LED driver as well as the chip set. Our 3-dimensional Diamond Light Guide optical system is available in 60, 90 and 120 degree beam angles. Intelligent Lighting, Zigbee Control System, Daylight Harvesting System, Microwave Occupancy Sensor System. 3-in-1 (0-10 volt, PWM, Resistance) dimming available. Endless connection for 2 pieces of light (Daisy Chaining). 4 methods of installation are available, including Suspended Installation, Boom Installation, Bracket Surface Mounting Installation and Joint Installation (between 2 lamps). This product is used for installation in Factories, Workshops, Warehouses, Logistics Centers, Exhibition Halls, Gymnasiums, Shipyards, Mining Facilities, Gas Stations and Supermarkets.